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video3T3D Therapeutics Inc. is a privately-held, Research Triangle Park, NC region-based company incorporated in 2013 as a Delaware C corporation. T3D Therapeutics’ mission, as a pharmaceutical R&D company, is to develop and commercialize T3D-959, potentially an optimal disease remedial therapeutic for the treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease and Mild Cognitive Impairment. T3D-959 is unlike most therapies in development that target one defect (i.e. pathology), for example beta amyloid plaques or tau bundles. This orally-delivered once-a-day therapy has the potential to be a transformational therapy by treating multiple defects (pathologies) of AD, including a likely key ‘trigger’ for the disease, insulin resistance. As a dual nuclear receptor agonist, T3D-959 may regulate a myriad of genes involved in Alzheimer’s disease pathologies and thus may offer a greater potential to slow, stop or reverse disease progression. T3D-959 has successfully completed Phase 1 human clinical trials and demonstrated compelling and unique pre-clinical efficacy in an Alzheimer’s animal model.

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